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Amersom Consulting Group offers a high record of achievement with its Government and Private sector clients and partners. At Amersom, we understand how important it is to understand the required work and desired outcome as well as to understand the importance of building strong relationships. It is the momentum of these long-term relationships that define our future roadmaps. Amersom currently enjoys a robust and successful project profile due to our commitment to:

  • Understanding the need of the client: legacy business practices, current environment, and future plans.
  • Technology: Emerging Technology, including: Investigating new solutions, Purchasing and Training on the latest software and Participating in elite user trials
  • Employee Relations: Employee Retention through outstanding benefit packages (including paid training) and our open-door communication policy


At Amersom Consulting Group, LLC we take pride in our commitment to your organization. We make every effort to understand your needs, your limitations, and your long-term goals so that the solution that we help you develop, implement and maintain is the solution that will bring you success both today and tomorrow.


We believe that making the ‘right’ software and team selection at the onset of the Project determines its success. That is why our Project Management team is familiar with the complete Software Development Life Cycle, new and emerging technologies and our own team of Developers.


We believe that Custom Development starts with understanding the client’s current software environment, business rules, work flow and the end-user’s abilities. Equipped with this information, our Development team designs a solution that fits your organization.


We provide aggressive QA testing. Our uncompromising approach to testing begins during the User Requirement stage with our UI Designers and continues through Development with Unit Testing and multiple phases of User Acceptance.


We provide exceptional Documentation and Training throughout the entire project including, but not limited to Project Plans, Technical Specifications, Design Documents, User Guides and Training Materials.

Project Management
Software Development
Database Development
Data Warehouse
Systems Integration
DEVOPS for Microsoft Azure


Contact one of our Amersom team members to find out how we can help you improve your IT systems, reduce your costs, and provide predictable project schedules in-line with your budgets and goals.


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